The Charism of the Ideal in the history of the Church and Humanity.

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God has prepared Chiara to carry out a precise project and, in order to understand it well, Peppuccio takes a quick look at what the world in which we currently live is like, at how the subject of its culture has developed over the centuries. He gives a detailed cultural background as a foundation to understand Chiara. If we do not understand the root of Chiara’s charism, which is rooted in today’s world as a response to today’s world, we are unable to carry it forward. Jesus in the midst with His power can do it. Returning now to your zones, being able to love without measure, without counting the cost, you will realize, as the years go by, that you still have so much to give.

Date: 2013-03-29
Format: video
Length: 56'

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