Jesus in the midst – our present and our future

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Jesus in the midst the last point of our spirituality and the foundation of all others. Who is Jesus amongst us? What does He do in our midst? And what does he do in a particular way in the Church, among Christians, for the unity of Christians? When He is in our midst – not only in the Church but wherever we are, does anything happen? What can happen? What should happen? Jesus in the midst for Him; Jesus in the midst in the Church, for the Church; Jesus in the midst for society, for humanity, for outside, for going out, – Extract from the Gospel of the disciples of Emmaus / Emmaus tells of when Chiara gave her the name “Emmaus” and how Jesus in the midst was the guiding thread of her whole life.

Date: 2019-09-14
Format: video
Length: 45'

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