Some notes on Jesus Forsaken

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What does the gift of knowledge of the mystery of Jesus on the cross that God gave to Chiara mean for our lives, for our understanding of how to go ahead, how to be, how to behave with others? Whoever has discovered Jesus Forsaken and understood him fully, has discovered the precious pearl of the Gospel, has found a path that leads straight to the heart of God. If one has understood Jesus Forsaken well, with heart, soul and life, nothing and no one can stop him on the way of holiness. Anyone who knows and loves Jesus Forsaken is like that house mentioned in the scriptures, built on the rock, that even if storms and floods come, the house stands firm. Jesus forsaken does not remove the difficulties we face, but transforms them into something that becomes from an apparent obstacle to enter into intimacy with God, the very intimacy of God. By living Jesus forsaken we realise that we are, as Chiara says, in the bosom of the Father, in the heart of God.

Date: 1995-12-31
Format: video
Length: 47'

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