With your free contribution you can support the production and updating of formation material for gen 2. Above all, we care about those countries where not all gen and gen 2 can have a (good enough) internet connection or the tools to enable them to be formed by these means as well.

In the year 2022, in order to ensure the functioning and improvements of the platform, with the development of new content, of material available with more and more translations, we had set ourselves the goal of reaching €9,000 and, thanks to the generosity of your donations and a local community, we raised a total of €2,700

This year we would like to aim for a goal that is, we hope, attainable: to collect the sum of 4,200€ by 2023, which corresponds to what we have estimated for one year’s expenses.

We will always keep you informed, transparently, via social media and the dedicated space on the platform on how the many small steps of each of us will contribute to building a piece of a united world. If you have any questions, just ask us.

GENERATE is a project, a space that we want to keep alive and that we think will be fundamental in the life of each gen and assistant in order to strengthen a worldwide network of young people able to be at the forefront of giving the world a soul. We all want to be part of this dream!