GENerate: why does it exist?

It stems from a long-standing need, repeated strongly by the young people and formators of the Focolare Movement: to prepare new, effective materials and create practical ways to learn about the charism of unity, by using all the means and technologies currently available to improve the ‘transmission’ of the charism.

To stimulate and foster the formation of the Gen 2, by presenting various materials in a creative, systematic and appealing way for the communication of life and for the transmission of the Ideal.

GENerate: what is it?

After a study, we implemented a new collection system with the formation content for the Gen2 and their assistants, which will now be available in a single platform integrated within the current website gen2.focolare.org to organize and present formation materials.

In the platform you can find videos, audio, ebooks, music, ppts and texts with updated translations of the various contents, and the number of these will increase gradually. The interface of the platform is available in five languages (Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese and French) but some specific contents are also available in other languages.

We can visit the platform in desktop and app version. This way we can easily use the materials both for gen unit meetings and for personal use. The platform is navigable from any device: computer, tablet, or smartphone; in web version or in an app available both on iOS and Android.

Contents will also be available for offline use; in the current version downloading is possible for texts, while in the following versions it will be gradually made available also for audio and video files.

There are also social share buttons available for each content: video, audio, text (PDF), ebook, organized and searchable by the user through various modes. There are thematic playlists (lists of mixed types of content presented in a pre-established order), and you can also search by tag, date, author, multilingual ….

The use of the contents is reserved to registered users, for the internal use of the Focolare Movement.

GENerate: What is its purpose?

We find it’s purpose in Chiara Lubich’s words in 20 August 1981 in Mollens (CH): Gen, we must train ourselves to go deep within ourselves, where the Holy Trinity dwells. We must understand the great fortune we have to be able to talk to God. We have to learn to always be in agreement with Him”.

The name of the GENerate platform, apart from containing the GEN identity, also refers to the words of Chiara: “We are always called to ‘generate’ Jesus among us. (…) We have a function similar to that of Mary. We too must generate Jesus among us as little Marys. But with what? With our love, with our mutual love.” (30 April 1999). “But look, Gen, Maria’s the one who generates, right? She’s the one who always gives life, gives it and gives it again. She gave life to Jesus; she gave it to us together with Jesus, standing under the cross. So, what does the Movement do? It generates a new generation, and that is you”. (20 April 1978).

Here is a tool that can be used for all this!

If you have any doubts about how to use the platform or the app, some suggestions or you need any other clarification, you can send your message to the email: info.generate@focolare.org

We continue to build GENerate together, so your contribution means a lot to us!

Good searching… and good immersion!