Our History of Married Focolarini

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Danilo: After a while, I met another girl. Notice that meanwhile I had met the Ideal in Milan, in 1950: Ginetta had come. I had been invited to listen to the experience she was telling about in a restaurant, it had struck me very much, especially this thought, that God should be loved with all the heart, all the soul, all the strength. God.
And there, while she was telling the story of Clare, of God Love, my life passed in front of me and I saw that there were so many things: work, because I had become an engineer and I had so much to do; the thought of the girlfriend; work also for the Church; God; so many interests. And there I understood-and it was like unified life-that God had to be at the first place in my life.

Annamaria: When Danilo appeared, I seemed to really see like a gift from God in him. Especially since he spoke to me immediately about the Ideal, he fascinated me; he spoke to me very little, however, he presented me immediately with a writing of Clare, and I felt there a very strong attraction to this reality, which I did not know what it was.

Date: 1992-04-09
Format: video
Length: 53'