Fede: His Story

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I used to talk about many things, very complicated things, things of philosophy, things of theology, and they would listen to me and then they would say to me with a nice smile: ‘But you see, we (because they used to call me “sir”), but you see for us it’s simpler, you know? This is what we do: Jesus in the Gospel said this, this, this; and we try to live the Gospel’. So I say “Ah, this is nice”. Afterwards I said: ‘But how can you do it from the point of view of ascetic life, mystical life, what kind of spirituality do you choose…’And they said: ‘But, you know, we don’t know much about these things. Jesus in the Gospel said “Love one another as I have loved you”, we live this, here’.

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Date: 1995-05-25
Format: video
Length: 32'

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